Episode 21

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10th Feb 2023

Episode 21 - Cara Tyrrell - Core4Parenting

Episode 21 - Cara Tyrrell - Core4Parenting

Cara Tyrrell

Cara Tyrrell is a mom to three girls, an Early Childhood Educator, Conscious Parenting Coach, and founder of Core4Parenting - a body, mind, spirit Collaborative Parenting Methodology for raising truly world and Kindergarten ready kids. Cara is also the host of the Transforming the Toddler Years podcast for Pandemic moms raising the COVID generation. She has Bachelor degrees in American Sign Langugae (ASL) and Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Education. Her passion is engaging parents to be their child’s brain architect between birth and 5 years old, setting them up for success in school and life.

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Kristina was a public school teacher for 27 years. The last 2 years were spent in an online school made for those students with medical needs, competition schedules or other reasons that the regular classroom was not a good fit. With this combined experience, a marriage of 30+ years and being an entrepreneur she is able to discuss a variety of topics with guests.

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