Episode 34

Published on:

2nd Jun 2023

Episode 34 - Lesley James - Last Wishes for the Family

Episode 34 - Lesley James - Last Wishes for the Family

Lesley James

Lesley James is a compassionate grief, loss and death educator, with a focus on protecting families by educating, supporting and guiding them through important decisions during very heavy times. She encourages everyone to have the important conversation about the inevitable, have a holistic end of life plan in place, and to not leave a mess, added stress or create distress for their loved ones. Lesley is born to serve, educate and empower others. She lives with a rare autoimmune disease (Addison’s disease) and has become a chronic illness advocate. In 2020, Lesley made a career shift from the healthcare industry to the deathcare and bereavement sector. She completed courses in end of life studies, hospice, palliative care, advance care planning, legacy, green burials, mental health first aid, death, dying, grief and bereavement.

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