Episode 39

Published on:

30th Jun 2023

Episode 39 - Lisa Luciano - Online safety is a must!

Episode 39 - Lisa Luciano - Online safety is a must!

Lisa Luciano

Lisa taught technology/digital literacy as an instructor/library media specialist for 40 years. But she discovered her true calling after a challenge from her principal – create a digital literacy course. What she came up with was a groundbreaking 3-year program required for all students in her middle school including SPED and ELL learners. She also trained the faculty on the use of digital tools and supervised the school’s technology lab in addition to renovating the library and turning it into a dynamic, digital learning center. She even found time to publish three books including the Amazon International Best Seller Generation Lost: Learning, Leveraging and Living Lessons for a Successful Life. But her passion has always been to teach children/teens how to stay safe online, especially after seeing them fall prey to internet dangers. She now teaches online safety courses to all ages

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