Episode 55

Published on:

24th Nov 2023

Episode 55 - Emanuel Rose - Nature's Classroom: A Conversation on Cultivating Curiosity and Connection

Episode 55 - Emanuel Rose - Nature's Classroom: A Conversation on Cultivating Curiosity and Connection

Emanuel Rose

Emanuel Rose was born and raised on the West Coast of the United States. He has spent over three decades earning a reputation in cutting edge marketing. His children’s book series, Wenaha Henry is the growing result of this newfound passion and he hopes young readers around the world will find inspiration and, maybe, a bit of magic of their own.

Show Summary:

Join Emmanuel Rose in a captivating podcast conversation about the vital role of nature in childhood. From the importance of letting kids explore and embrace boredom to the transformative impact of camping adventures, Emmanuel sheds light on cultivating curiosity and connection. His books, like "Nature Bound," offer practical guidance for parents to schedule nature time, simple hikes, and even camping trips, fostering life skills and unforgettable memories.

How to contact our guest:

Emanuel's Website

Emanuel is offering a free gift to the audience. A free packet of Pollinator flower seeds will be sent to those who contact him through his website. Enjoy!

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