Episode 70

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19th Apr 2024

Episode 70-Donovan Dreyer-Empowering Teens: Unlocking Their Potential for Success

Episode 70-Donovan Dreyer-Empowering Teens: Unlocking Their Potential for Success

Donovan Dreyer

Guest Bio:

On his first training flight at 19, Donovan didn’t lose his lunch, so he finalized his decision to become a pilot! After completing his Aviation Tech Bachelor’s degree and undergoing extensive flight training, a conversation with an airline captain in an informational interview convinced him to change his trajectory. And, in an ironic twist, by choosing to plant his feet firmly on the ground, Donovan found that his impact could be far more uplifting, enabling others to truly soar to greater heights. For over 20 years, Donovan has been assisting families in navigating the turbulence as young adults transition from the nest to realizing their best lives.

Since making his big shift, Donovan has coached hundreds of teens to find their right path in life, to discover their inner confidence, and to chart a course with a vision of their future. In a world fraught with stress, future uncertainties, and competitive pressures, Donovan uses his unique gift to help teens become calm, clear, and fall in love with their new life path.

Free Gift from our guest:

Dare 2 Dream provides parents with 6 questions to help their kids start planning for the future.


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