Episode 9

Published on:

11th Nov 2022

Episode 9 - Scott & Nancy Kiesling - Adventure Therapy

Episode 9 - Scott & Nancy Kiesling - Adventure Therapy

Scott & Nancy Kiesling

Scott & Nancy are Life & Relationship Consultants who use their unique method of Adventure Therapy to propel people from standing on the edge of their life peering down at what they wish for, to leaping into the best version of themselves and living life to the fullest. Two years after they were married, Scott was involved in an accidental explosion at work, resulting in a brain injury, hearing loss, and vertigo. This drastically changed their life and the dynamic of their relationship causing them to create innovative tools and strategies to keep their relationship thriving and continue to create the life they dreamed to live. With 30yrs in the Film Industry learning human behavior, and over a decade navigating the waters of their own mission-driven life, Scott & Nancy now dedicate their time & energy to helping others live their best life by developing adventurous mindsets and unshakeable self-love.

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Kristina was a public school teacher for 27 years. The last 2 years were spent in an online school made for those students with medical needs, competition schedules or other reasons that the regular classroom was not a good fit. With this combined experience, a marriage of 30+ years and being an entrepreneur she is able to discuss a variety of topics with guests.

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Herbert has had a varied career from business management, working in the semi-conductor industry and being an entrepreneur for most of his life. His vast experience in a variety of areas makes for wisdom and knowledge that shines forth through his creative ideas and "outside-the-box" thinking.