Episode 7

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4th Nov 2022

Episode 7 - Jen Bruce - Nutrition and the Impact on Learning

Episode 7 - Jen Bruce - Nutrition and the Impact on Learning

Jen Bruce

Jen is a functional nutritionist and psychedelic practitioner specializing in mental health. Jen has had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients and speaking to thousands over the last decade of her work. Jen came to this work through her own healing journey and she believes everyone has the potential to heal, even when it seems impossible.

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Email: Jen@rootsrecovery.com

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Kristina Heagh-Avritt

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Kristina was a public school teacher for 27 years. The last 2 years were spent in an online school made for those students with medical needs, competition schedules or other reasons that the regular classroom was not a good fit. With this combined experience, a marriage of 30+ years and being an entrepreneur she is able to discuss a variety of topics with guests.

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Herbert has had a varied career from business management, working in the semi-conductor industry and being an entrepreneur for most of his life. His vast experience in a variety of areas makes for wisdom and knowledge that shines forth through his creative ideas and "outside-the-box" thinking.